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Nov 18

Holiday Card Display…

For the last few Christmas’ I have made a really large bow with long tails out of red velvet ribbon to display my Christmas cards from. I don’t have a good picture to share with you. This year I wanted to make something a little different – but just a little.

Card display.

Here’s another one of those frames, rescued from the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby.

Original frame.

Use sand paper to rough up the surface and get it ready for paint. Because the original is black, I want to lighten it up, so that it will not show through the paper.

Paint it a lighter color.

I used just regular old white acrylic craft paint. This was only one layer – but I painted two.

Gel medium.

I am going to use scrapbook paper to cover the frame. First, you will need something to adhere it. I used gel medium, you could also use modge podge.

Layer it on.

Lay your paper over the medium.

Lay the paper over the frame and smooth it out best you can.

Flip it over.

Flip the covered frame over onto it’s face and cut the opening out with a xacto knife.

It’s looking good.

I painted another layer of gel medium over the paper covered frame. Let it dry thoroughly.

Cut paper strips for the sides.

I used a coordinating paper for the sides – but you could use the same – or just paint it a solid color.

Paper for the sides.

Paint medium on the sides, lay paper over it, and then add another layer of medium.

Sand paper.

Let the paper with medium over it dry completely before you sand it. If you don’t, it will rip the paper and not simply weather or distress it. Once it is dry – use your paper on the edges and opening to distress the edges.

A little detail.

I used a paint pen to paint “Tidings of comfort and joy!” You can add whatever you like…the possibilities are endless.

Time for the drawer pulls.

Measure where you’d like the knobs and use your power drill to make holes.

Drill some holes.

Holes are ready!

Back side of frame.

Almost ready.

Now, it only needs a picture and some ribbon.

A simple loop for the ribbon.

Or a bow.

It’s a little early for Christmas cards, so I fished out some of my cards from years past. I don’t throw away my photograph cards/announcements – I will show you where they end up in just a few minutes!

Another look.

There are several ways that you can attach the cards to the ribbon. If you want to save your ribbon and use it year after year or use it as a bow on something else  – the best option is clothes pins or paper clips.

Small clothes pin.

Even smaller clothes pin.

Paper clip route.

You could also use a stapler or double sided tape – whichever you like best or have laying around!

And – for those of you that have been sticking around to see where your Christmas cards to me end up…

dun du dun du….

Ta Dah!!

More where that came from…

Don’t get upset if you don’t see your picture there – we have lots more cabinet doors (:

Back on subject - another view!

I’d love to see what you come up with!

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